artifacts from sri lanka, jan - july 2018:

colombo and the negotiation of garbage (polythene dream): 



a postmodern piano pedagogy:



band of spies, "spies in space," out mid-november on earwash records

preview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3R8w6md5-Y&t=279s


TROAK is out on earwash records

check it out here :: https://earwash.bandcamp.com/album/troak-roth-fenez


ian douglas-moore/paul n roth duo is out on earwash records

listen/read some great reviews here :: https://earwash.bandcamp.com/album/ian-douglas-moore-paul-n-roth


veRmulsCHt, notes from the USA, 2015, here :

(after) https://vimeo.com/146608576  // (before) https://vimeo.com/144978832


benedictandersontheband album is out on AUT RECORDS 

listen here : http://www.autrecords.com/project/benedict-anderson-the-band


tensil test CD is out on CREATIVE SOURCE 

reviewed here: http://www.chaindlk.com/reviews/?id=9067


hannes lingens/paul n roth duo CD also out now on HAIL ANTS RECORDS


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